Wiley Engineering designated again for the NYSDOT INFORM Design Services Contract.

Wiley was recently designated for our fifth consecutive contract to perform design services related to the New York State Department of Transportation INFORM System. The INFORM system is Long Islands regional transportation management system that includes thousands of roadway sensors that collect traffic data and report this information back to a central control center in Hauppauge. The central control computer analyzes this data and identifies roadway congestion. The congestion information is confirmed using one of the more than 120 Closed Circuit Televisions (CCTV) cameras. Than the congestion information is displayed on the appropriate Variable Message Signs (VMS) to inform the motorist of roadway congestion.

Wiley Engineering has long been associated with the INFORM project. In the mid 70s Wiley was involved with the feasibility study to determine which roadways would be included and what technologies would be used. In the late 70s and early 80s Wiley was involved with the preliminary and final design and construction support. Since 1983 Wiley has been retained to provide consulting engineering and design services to adapt the system the DOTs on-going highway improvement program.

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