Intelligent Transportation Systems

Wiley Engineering is a firm with recognized expertise in Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) and the use of these techniques to optimize traffic flow along an individual facility as well as the roadway network. Wiley Engineering is a leader in the planning, design, and implementation of ITS for use in real time traffic control management through the use of communication technologies.

Wiley Engineering has kept abreast with the latest development of this fast paced, technology oriented industry. We have an extensive background, and have full knowledge of the various surveillance and control system components including the following:

Surveillance Equipment:                                                         Loop detectors, Video Imaging Detector System (VIDS), Radar Detectors, Closed Circuit Television (CCTV), TRANSMIT, and Roadway Weather Information Systems (RWIS).

Communication Equipment:                                                 Fiber-optics, SONET and T-1 Multiplex Equipment, Coaxial Cable, Amplifiers and Repeaters, Master and Slave Controllers, Spread Spectrum Radio, and CDPD Radio.

Traffic Management Equipment:                                             Variable Message Signs (VMS), Flip Signs, and Highway Advisory Radio (HAR), Lane Use Signals, Ramp Metering, and Control Centers.

The success of the our projects can be attributed to our firms implementation and integration experience. Our experience provides us with a vast knowledge of various equipment and components which lends itself to the development of plans, specifications and testing requirements that will minimize problems during construction. This knowledge has proven to be useful in specifying the type and sequence of tests to ensure that each piece of equipment functions properly by itself, in subsystems and in the overall system. Staged tests are incorporated in the special specifications and plans to streamline the equipment installation process without compromising the project schedule. This approach ensures the quality of the project.

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